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From comics to Game of Thrones to painting to ukulele quartets, the mysapl Arts & Culture committee does cool stuff!
Art @ the Library

Art at the Library

Did you know?

Many of our libraries have artwork displayed within their walls. Some are works of art themselves. Check out the links below, and then come see the artwork in person.

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Art Around Town

This Is Only A Test


  • September 20-November 9, 2018
  • Michael and Noemi Neidorff Art Gallery in the Dicke Art Building, Trinity University

Featuring Sara Cardona

Sara Cardona uses the analog process of cut-and-paste collage in the tradition of Dada assemblage and a nod to the editing process of film. The images created are generated by imagining the exchange of commodities across the global south and the intersection of language and objects associated with soft power. These forms suggest movement, even as they are static, and the artist thinks of them as a hybrid of object and film still. Several of the works in the exhibition are based on the aesthetics of satellite glitches, static, horizontal/vertical video lines, and broadcast tests. These formats, often associated with communication, are reimagined through the warp and weft of blankets, jergas, and bandanas. These textiles represent human activity across the global south: as objects of tourism, contraband, labor, and migration.

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Marilyn Manfear

Marilyn Lanfear

August 24–November 11, 2018 

San Antonio Museum of Art

200 West Jones Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78215



Mother-of-pearl buttons, lead, and embroidery hoops are some of the wide-ranging materials Marilyn Lanfear uses to tell her stories. Motivated by personal family history and the urge to preserve memories, Lanfear’s body of work is a testament to her rich Texas heritage and her industrious spirit. Whether by assembling a collection of carved wooden shelves or soldering a blouse made of lead, Lanfear demonstrates a dedication to the process of art making, techniques, and materials. She elevates the everyday to speak to a common, shared experience both through the presence of objects and through what, or whom, is missing.