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Young Pegasus Poetry Competition

San Antonio's annual poetry contest for children and teens.

Young Pegasus 2018


NOTICE Friday, December 15:  
The online submission form was not working for a brief period this morning. 
The form is open now and will remain open until midnight on Tuesday, December 19.
Our sincere apologies for the problem.

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2017 Selected Poets

Between September 15 and December 15, 2016 almost 2000 poems were submitted to the 2017 Young Pegasus Competition. After many hours of reading and reviewing, the Young Pegasus Judges selected fifty-eight poems, written by forty-five young poets, to be included in the 2016 Young Pegasus Poetry Anthology. Here is a list of the winning poets along with the titles of their poems. The printed anthology will be distributed to the winning poets at the Young Pegasus Awards Ceremony on May 7.. Copies of 2017 Young Pegasus Anthology will soon be on the library shelves and available for checkout

Piper Abrigo
Rolling Film

Maya Allen

Siri Borra

Alessandro Castagnini

Michaela Christy

Abby Chung    
Night Hike                                                

Stella Ciaravino               
I Like a Lot of Things                                                             

Marie Comeau 
Agnes (Enough)
Laughter and Goodbyes

Anabelle Cross
School and Nature                                                

Shaumprovo Debnath  
Animal In Me                                                          

John Dougherty
Ode to my Toes                                                     

Kaitlyn  Fleming
In Lieu of Support

Octavio Flores-Chasnoff

Leigha Forrest  
Breaking the Stars
Gods of the Sky
The Ugly Firefly
Una Cultura                                                             

Marissa Garza   
Tranquil Beach                                                       

Samantha Gonzales
Streams and Human Beings                                                              

José Guardiola 
Ama y Apa                                                               

Adelaide Helgeson
The Blue Moo Zoo

Anna Hurd

Ryan Jacob

Olivia Kane
Advice for My Children
In Room 435

Julian Knapp
Middle of Chaos                                                    

Niema  Maes
The Man On The Bench                                                      

Juliana  Martinez
La Guerra
A Lie that Daddy Told Me

Jayden  McFarland
The Lion and the Tiger                                                        

Sophia  Nelson
My Black and White Days
Night's Melody                                                      

Ava Nerio
A Mathematic Lament                                                        

William Ogle    
Seinfeld Inspired Limerick                                                 

Abigail Parker
The Candle
The Mirage

Gabriella Paul
Ode to a Doughnut                                                              

Jackie Pavlovsky
Pretty Fingers                                                         

Marina Pedraza
Flowers and a Conch Shell                                                 

Landon Pratt
The Tall Man                                                           

Nathan Pugh
The Story of Me                                                    

Chloe Rehkopf
Disney Girl                                                               

Isabella Rocha   
For the Jabberwock;
Up and Down the Streets in Mexico

Sophie Rose
Nothing is wrong   

Kaleigh Santillanes

Hazel Spedding               
The Honey Badger

Tatum Spriester
Fallen Cones

Johnny Strickland

Tony Tian
Winter Winds

Helen Trottmann
The Nightmare

Charlie Weiner
Rolling Pin on a Rampage

Callum  Westwood
Pillow Fight