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San Antonio Pop Con

Popular Culture Celebration at the San Antonio Public Library

Gaming Locations

Pop Con will feature video gaming on the first floor in the Latino Resource Center and tabletop gaming on the second floor.

San Antonio Nerd Night

San Antonio Nerd Night is a group of tabletop gamers working together to change our community. Gamers, and tabletop gamers especially, have a unique perspective on working together and caring about their community. 


Hebi Studios, founded in 2012, is an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the Oop Boy. Oop Boy, a 2D Side Scroller puzzle game, is a phenomenon, that has been receiving rave reviews on the indie scene.  
Hebi Studios' reach extends far beyond the US borders, with people playing Oop Boy as far away as Australia. As a rapidly growing company with plenty of opportunities for go-getters, the company is especially attractive to young people who are ready to show their mettle. Hebi Studios regularly brings new talent to the field through independent contracting work, and is looking for partners who are willing to grow with this fine company.
Hebi Studios has created a world-class entertainment industry in San Antonio and with in the next year will turn itself  into a significant local employer. With an open organizational culture that welcomes new ideas and suggestions for improvements at all levels, Hebi Studios is constantly looking to innovate and grow.


Bits To Bytes Gaming and Computer History Museum was established in 2016 to preserve the history of home and arcade entertainment through working examples of retro gaming consoles and other gaming curiosities. Bits to Bytes boasts a mobile museum comprised of more than 100 traditional and handheld consoles, computers and peripheral devices from across every generation of gaming that can be viewed (and played with) at fan conventions and gaming festivals.

The museum goes beyond a cursory look at the gaming industry and tries to include as many examples from video gaming's rich history as possible. You won't just find an NES or Genesis at the museum, but a range of devices including numerous Pong-style machines (including a mechanical, handheld Pong machine) to lesser-known consoles like Milton Bradley's handheld Microvision.  The museum aims to showcase everything it can related to gaming from Atari to XBOX from all across the world.




San Antonio's own local indie company. Started by Eric De Leon. Their first game title: Wenches and Loot, has been met with a swell of support. The game features a recently divorced hero named Jack, who players help throughout the game. The 2D RPG, calls back to classic RPGs with its custom armor sets, weapons, and magic. Explore the world, find tons of loot, and fight enemies. Players interact with a large cast of characters to learn new skills and give Jack a new start. The game's progress would not have been possible without the incredible feedback from the community. Pop Con was where the team got their start, and with their return they bring the results of the feedback. With a slogan like "No Compromise" it’s no surprise they bring the highest quality to their projects. Come visit with the team, and support Pop Con! "



SouthLand Studios is a VR and cinematic game development studio located in the heart of South Texas, San Antonio.