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San Antonio Pop Con

Popular Culture Celebration at the San Antonio Public Library

Gaming Locations

Pop Con will feature video gaming on the first floor and tabletop gaming on the second floor.

San Antonio Nerd Night

San Antonio Nerd Night is a group of tabletop gamers working together to change our community. Gamers, and tabletop gamers especially, have a unique perspective on working together and caring about their community. 

Geek Out San Antonio

Live Web Broadcast about everything geek ( Comics, Cosplay, Gaming, Comics, Film & TV reviews, Toys, and much, much, more!


  1. 3D GENERATION: 3D Generation is a small indie studio based in San Antonio, Texas. Last August marked the release of Cosmic Awakening VR, a Vive/Oculus title available on Steam. The team consists of Joe Guerra, Vicky Sertich, and Ansley Partosa. They are currently working on a competitive puzzle game.


HEBI STUDIOS: Founded in 2012, is an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the Oop Boy. Oop Boy, a 2D Side Scroller puzzle game, is a phenomenon, that has been receiving rave reviews on the indie scene.   Hebi Studios is currently in production of three more titles, and will soon be releasing Oop Boy on iOS, Android, and the Ouya. 


LUMINOSITY MOBILE: Founded in late 2014, Luminosity Mobile’s mission is to make your life a little brighter through enjoyable and creative games. In December of 2017, Luminosity Mobile released Tortuga Racing which is an educational math game geared to children of all ages who want to practice math and have a whole lot of fun! You can find Tortuga Racing on both iOS and Google Play.


NO HOPE STUDIOS:  A small Video game studio based in San Antonio, Texas. Our most recent project is Quandary: Escape This Hellhole where you find yourself in limbo, and at the mercy of a malicious deity calling himself god. You must survive wave after wave of the nastiest monsters the deity has to offer. 


REALITY DEVS: An augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality Software Company. It’s current game in development is a medieval take on battleship for the MergeVR Holocube.


SWITCH CALIBER STUDIOS: An indie studio created by longtime friends Eric De Leon and Stev Rodriguez. Currently, /switch Caliber Studios is working on Wenches and Loot. A game where you can fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world filled with new friends and adventure.


BITZ PLZ: is a San Antonio based indie gaming studio whose current project is Zombardment. A fun yet challenging Zombie tossing game has risen from the dead! Players have the chance to control how far their zombies will zip through the air by selecting points on the "Toot-o-Meter." This will allow them to make a killer shot into their victims home in order to get a delicious snack. Be careful though! The humans have laid out fatal traps your zombies must avoid in order to survive.