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Arts & Leisure
Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2014
by Sally Bauer, James Laferla, Ramona Lucius, Keri Moczygemba, Debye Nicholl, Patricia Soderberg - Last Updated Aug 1, 2014
Why should kids have all the fun? Bring reading back into your life: Read 4 books within 3 months.
Antique and Art Collecting
by Deedee Lu - Last Updated Oct 27, 2014
Looking to buy or sell antiques or fine arts? Here's a few tips and resources from the library.
by Deedee Lu - Last Updated Dec 31, 2014
Explore resources on researching about art as well as how to enjoy and make art, including information about art in the Library
Art Education
by Deedee Lu - Last Updated Nov 26, 2014
Resources for teachers of all age groups for teaching art and using art in the classroom
by Julia Selwyn - Last Updated Mar 4, 2015
Entertaining or cooking a special meal for one? Preparing food for a special diet? Use this guide to find your next recipe.
Digital Photography and Imaging
by Dan Garcia - Last Updated Oct 1, 2014
Make the most out of your megapixels.
Exemplary Documentaries!
by Library Staff - Last Updated Jan 27, 2015
What are documentaries about?, thought, culture, war, truth, investigation, chronicle, biographical, provocation, journalistic, instruction, challenging, and more. In other words, a vast array of subjects to explore!
by Sherrie Hardin - Last Updated Apr 3, 2014
Fiesta began as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. But over the past century and more, Fiesta has grown into a celebration of San Antonio's rich and diverse cultures.
Gardening in South Texas
by Cristine Mitchamore - Last Updated Mar 5, 2015
Gardening books & organizations for gardening in the San Antonio area.
Kampmann Library Portal
by Sierra Mendez, Veronica Rodriguez - Last Updated Mar 3, 2015
A guide to the Caroline B. and John H. Kampmann San Antonio Library Portal at the Briscoe Western Art Museum including artistic and historical resources, event information, and service descriptions.
Learning Languages
by Pannaga Prasad - Last Updated Feb 19, 2014
Help on learning a new language
Literature into Film
by Gamini Haluwana, Ramona Lucius - Last Updated Jan 19, 2014
You've read the book; now see the movie (or vice versa). You may be surprised at the differences!
by andrew jung - Last Updated Apr 12, 2013
Find music books, cds, mp3s, dvds, and scores. Do music research, find music business resources, learn about music in San Antonio & Texas.
by Deedee Lu - Last Updated Sep 11, 2014
Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Learn about the best local, state and national parks to explore.
Pet Care
by Rhonda Davila - Last Updated Feb 11, 2015
Find resources to care and pamper that special member of the family, your pet.
Silent Films
by Ramona Lucius - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
A guide to great silent movies and silent film stars.
by Patricia Soderberg - Last Updated Jul 11, 2013
An overview of the cultural history of tamales and tamale-making.
The Subject was Poetry
by Sandra Griffin - Last Updated Mar 20, 2015
I speak the password primeval . . . . I give the sign of democracy; By God! I will accept nothing which all cannot have their counterpart of on the same terms. Walt Whitman from Leaves of Grass
by Donna Borel - Last Updated Feb 23, 2015
Whether you are getting ready to take a trip or just dreaming about one, here is some information that might make planning your vacation a whole lot easier.
Video Production and Filmmaking
by Adolph Lopez - Last Updated Nov 26, 2014
Lights... Camera... ACTION! Here is a guide to the fundamentals of video production and filmmaking.