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Kids: Children's Music

Informs library patrons of great children's music in SAPL.

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Why is Music Important?

It is a great joy to observe young children enjoying and having fun singing and playing with rhythm instruments or singing along with a CD. These activities can help them focus and control their bodies better, and give them higher self-esteem.

Music helps to forge important pathways in the brain, improving math and thinking skills as well as spatial-temporal reasoning and logical thinking. Singing helps develop listening skills, slows down language so that children can easily hear the different sounds in words, and helps children learn new vocabulary and information.  Clapping along with songs helps children learn word syllables and improves their motor skills. Music and singing also encourages the creative impulse in children.

Therefore, incorporating music into their daily lives is the best way to use music with children—in the home, in the car, at bedtime.


These are some of the organizations that give awards to children's music artists.

Great Children's CDs

Raffi "Owl Singalong"

Caspar Babypants "With a Little Help from My Friends"

Great Children's Music Artists

Following are links to the websites of some of the best children's music performers.