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College Preparation guide

The guide helps you to achieve an education portfolio for college preparation on various topics such as preparation of standardized tests: SAT, ACT, AP courses; writing powerful essays; information on financial aid, scholarship, loans and much more.

Subject Guide

Links to the Library

Search Our Databases

Search our databases to locate magazine and journal articles about college preparation.  You will need to have a library card to access them outside the library.

GED Resources

ebooks on OverDrive

With electronic books– your public library is open 24/7! The San Antonio Public Library offers ways to access ebooks through Downloadables for free with your San Antonio Public Library Card.


Find the links for the loan agencies that provide funding for your college education. You may also find various loans offered from colleges and from private organizations.  

Grants/ Education

Look into some of the grants that are offered at the following links for funding college education.

Welcome to college preparation guide

Visit the guide to build an education portfolio for your college preparation.

Check out this guide to find resources available at SAPL on college prep such as books, databases, websites, local resources on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, AP courses).  Use this guide to help write powerful essays, find financial aid, scholarships, grants, school loans and more. Let us help you to prepare better for college entrance.   

Favorite Books

Financial Aid

Visit the websites and links for finding information on Financial Aid, scholarships and more for funding your college education.

College Scholarship Links

There are many scholarships available to attend college. Explore using these links! 

Test Preparation- SAT, ACT

Visit the websites and links for finding information on SAT, ACT PSAT and more for achieving high scores for college admission.

Online Degree Guide

Find your choice of online master's degree by going to this very informative website. It also lists a top competitive master's degree program including the top jobs for online master's degree holder.  

Online Resources

Local Resources

Following are some of the local resources in San Antonio  that provides one on one assistance for your college prep.