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Video Production and Filmmaking

Lights... Camera... ACTION! Here is a guide to the fundamentals of video production and filmmaking.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981): 2 votes (7.69%)
Die Hard (1988): 4 votes (15.38%)
Aliens (1979): 2 votes (7.69%)
The Bourne Trilogy (2002-2007): 5 votes (19.23%)
Star wars. Episode V, The Empire strikes back (1980): 4 votes (15.38%)
Saving Private Ryan (1998): 1 votes (3.85%)
Robocop (1987): 3 votes (11.54%)
The Matrix (1999): 2 votes (7.69%)
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (1991): 0 votes (0%)
Gladiator (2000): 3 votes (11.54%)
Total Votes: 26

Video Production and Filmmaking

Video production and filmmaking are complex and sometimes intimidating processes. This research guide can help get you started with your vision. Here you can find resources about the fundamentals of video production and filmmaking. I have also included links to websites that teach and showcase your work.

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