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Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Learn about the best local, state and national parks to explore.

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Websites of Interest

San Antonio Botanical Garden,

Flickr Creative Commons by JAS

For information about your local parks and those who support it, check out the following links.

New Outdoors & Nature @ SAPL

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Local Parks

Sometimes you just want to take a stroll in town.  For the best local outdoor escapes, consult this guide.

Books of Interest

Secret Gardens at Your Library

Need a novel getaway?  Here's a list of scenic libraries in green spaces.

Outdoor Tips

Picnic Packing Tips

Place bug spray, sunscreen, and soap in a sealable bag away from food.

Place cheeses, hard-boiled eggs, and other perishables in an ice chest full of ice.

To have cold drinks for the entire picnic, freeze them in plastic bottles overnight. Take them out in the morning - they will thaw but remain cold.

Make sure to have utensils, plates, and napkins for everyone - and a bag to pack out trash just in case.

   Photo credit:  New Braunfels

   Flickr Creative Commons by JAS