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Low Vision Access Services

San Antonio Public Library has a variety of resources for our special needs population. We welcome you to come in or contact us to find out what we have for you. Our branches are ADA accessible.

Telephone Services

Easily accessible audio information is available through the phone.

Reference and information. Please call to speak to a librarian 2102072500

Renew materials by phone. Please call 2102076121

Dial-a-Story. A story, a story – read me a story! For young children, there is always time for a story. Our children's librarians have a new story in English and Spanish every week; just call 207-4466. Dial-a-Story is sponsored by the San Antonio Express-News.

Special Needs Links

Children's Low Vison Reading Room

The Low Vision Reading Room is located on the third floor of the Central Library in the Children's Departent. The reading room houses the library's collection of children"s Braille books and kits with a book and audio combination. Children can use the equipment in the room to enjoy the recorded materials available at the library. Materials from the room can be mailed to qualifying participants of Free Matter for the Blind and the library's own Books by mail service.

Equipment to Assist People with Vision Disabilities


Closed circuit televisions are available at our Bazan, Brook Hollow, Central, Collins Garden, Great Northwest, Guerra, Johnston, Las Palmas, MemorialPan American, Semmes  locations.  These devices allow materials to be greatly magnified onto a monitor.  Books, letters and pictures are much clearer to view using these devices.


Monomouse is a portable CCTV device that looks like a mouse.It plugs into a RCA digital input on your TV.Roll the mouse over your text - and see it magnified. Like our books, Monomouse checks out for a 3 week period. Find one at our Carver, Central, Great Northwest, Las Palmas, and Semmes locations.Visit check availability.

Hand held Magnifying Glasses

Magnifiers are available on request. Please speak to a staff person to use one in the library.

Windows Narrator and Magnifier

All library computers have Windows Narrator and Magnifier installed. Please ask a library staff person to show you how to use the accessibility features of the computers.

Databases With Accessibility Features

Many of our databases have built in accessibilty features. Ask a librarian to assist you in finding them.


Check it Out - Items

Materials by Mail
Materials are available through the mail for homebound individuals.  Call 207-2500 for this service or to ask a reference question.

Here's what's available at your Library.

Audio Books

  • We have a wide collection of audio books on CD. Just search the Catalog under format type CD to find thousands of results - you can target your results by keyword, title, author or age (juvenile, young adult or adult).
  • These items can be placed on hold for pickup at any branch.
  • We have Downloadables- which will allow you to download audio and visual materials to your portable device or PC from home.


  • A broad collection of large type books is available.
  • We also have Braille books for adults and younger readers at the Central Library.
  • These items can be placed on hold for pickup at any location.

Close Captioned DVDs

  • Nearly half of our DVD collection has the close captioned feature. Some Blu-ray discs also have this feature.
  • We also have DVDs and Blu-ray discs with DVS where the plot is narrated.
  • These items can be placed on hold for pickup at any location.

State and Federal Services


Bookshare is an online library of accessible e-books and educational materials for people with print disabilities. Access more than 325, 000 textbooks, best sellers, children's books newspapers, magazines, and more!  To access the collection visit


Free Matter for the Blind

Persons who are blind or who cannot use or read conventionally printed material due to a physical handicap. Other handicaps that can prevent normal reading include disabling paralysis, muscle or nerve deterioration affecting coordination and control, and confinement in iron lungs or other mechanical devices. Among the causes of such conditions are cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, infantile paralysis, myasthenia gravis, and diplegia.


The Texas Talking Book Program is a free service for anyone residing in the state. There are thousands of titles in several formats to offer accessibility to various resources. Audio recordings, large print, Braille, and more. Visit to see qualifications for subscription.