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All Things Tween

Book recommendations, activities & inspiration Tweens will love.

Books You'll Love

Are you finding new hobbies you really enjoy? Starting to notice fashion trends? Feel motivated by new sports or clubs at school? These are all a part of your identity, and as you grow older, you'll find that identity changes and shifts. It's not always an easy path, but finding who you are is totally worth the effort. Want to read about kids going on their own unique quests to find out who they are? Check out the books below!

There's nothing like a good mystery!  Check out some of these books for thrilling stories with an element of mystery.

Death and loss can feel like really scary things, but you aren't alone. Sometimes, it's hard to express how we feel when emotions feel bigger than anything else in the world. Below, find books about kids who are going to through some difficult times and how they are coping. 

Middle school means major transitions. On top of all your school work and family drama, you find your body changing, friends come and go, and how you used to view certain things just isn't the same any more. Take a look at these books to help you navigate the changes in your life- you aren't alone, and you aren't the only one!

Series You'll Love

A cool book series and now a television series on Netflix!