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Virtual Programs to Enjoy @ Home!

Greetings! On this page you will find e-programs or virtual programs that you may enjoy at home. Each program will include links to activities, crafts, videos, and a good mixture of both e-books and physical books to explore. Check back each week for new content!

¡Saludos! En esta página encontrará programas electrónicos o programas virtuales que puede disfrutar en casa. Cada programa incluirá enlaces a actividades, manualidades, videos y una buena mezcla de libros electrónicos y libros físicos para explorar. ¡Vuelve cada semana para ver el nuevo contenido!

2021 Virtual Programs

In love with the flowers on your Animal Crossing island but lacking a green thumb IRL?  Miss Valerie will show you how to make your own origami flowers inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



Kawaii Coffee Cozy

Program By: Miss Monica

Hi friends, it's Miss Monica and today I wanted to share with you how make your blah coffee/tea/shake/juice cup a little more kawaii! Make one for yourself, a friend, family member, whoever needs a little more kawaii in their lives : )

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

You'll need:

  • Cardstock in white or any fun color
  • Felt in gray, black, and white
  • Fabric glue
  • Tape (to hold things in place)
  • Scissors
  • Your favorite drink/cup
  • Velcro Strips

Step 2: Grab your cardstock and cut the sheet in half so that you now have to long halves. Try to wrap it around your favorite cup and make adjustments so that you have some overlap (about 1"-1 1/2"). PRO TIP: If you have a favorite hot chocolate shop and you have the cardboard cozy from the last time you visited, you can use that cozy as a template!


Step 3: Layer your cardstock cozy on a gray felt sheet and cut out. Pro Tip: If you have your cardboard cozy from your coffee shop, simply pull apart lengthwise where the glue fastens it together and use this as a template.


Step 4: Draw out the ears on the gray sheet and cut out. Next, using the white cardstock, draw out a triangular-ish nose, lay on the black felt sheet, and cut out. For the whiskers, you will cut thin 1 1/2" - 2" strips out of the black felt sheet. 


Step 5: Cut two black circles for the inner portion of the eye. Place the circles on your white felt sheet and use a pencil to draw a cutting guide.


Step 6: Start cutting with a little room outside of the cutting guide. Use your fabric glue to attach the two pieces.


Step 7: Now for that prize-winning smile! Put the edge of a white felt sheet right under the nose and using a pencil, draw that smile (Picture #1). Cut out the smile and see what it looks like on kitty's face (Picture #2). Make adjustments if you need to!


Step 8: Now for the tummy, place another white felt sheet along the bottom of the gray sheet you're working on. Trace half an oval (Picture #1) on the white felt sheet. On a gray felt sheet, cut out the triangular kitty stripes like you see in picture 1. Cut out and attach (Picture #2). 


Step 9: In this section, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. Don't mess up, like I did. You're going to want to take your velcro strips and attach them like you see in PICTURE 1. But first, measure them out to the edges of your gray felt sheet, making sure to use the two pieces that will stick to each other.  


Step 10: So, because I didn't use a cardboard template that came from my favorite coffee shop, my cozy came out with a little velcro showin'. It's totally okay if yours does too, but in case you're a perfectionist, feel free to cut off the velcro excess. Next time, I'm going to use a cardboard cozy to make a purrfect cozy. 


Earth Day is April 24 this year and there are so many

ways you can show some love for our planet!  

1. Recycle!  Find out what items you can recycle and where you can recycle in your area.

2. Use a reusable water bottle and avoid plastic straws.

3. Use a reusable bag for groceries and other items for which you would usually use a plastic bag.

4. Turn it off!  Turn of the water when brushing your teeth and turn off lights when you leave a room.

5. Use both sides of your paper.

6. Ride your bike or walk whenever you can.

Watch Miss Teague show you how to make a reusable tote!  

All you need is a fabric tote and fabric markers!

Check out these books for some earth-friendly inspiration!

Check out these videos and books to learn all about crochet!




How To Books

Project Ideas


Fortnite Loot Pinata Bookmark



Program By: Miss Monica

Hi friends, it's Miss Monica again and today I wanted to share with you how to make a Fortnite Loot Pinata bookmark! They make pretty awesome AND useful gifts that you and your friends can show off everywhere. Use it as a bookmark, hang on your wall, or put them on your binder : )

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

You'll need:

  • Cardstock in white or any fun color
  • Cardstock in brown
  • Glue (I used liquidy school glue)
  • Tissue paper (at least 2-3 different colors)
  • Scissors

Step 2: Cut out a rectangular "bookmark" shape. Pro Tip: Cut two out to help you measure tissue paper strips later on. 


Step 3: Grab your tissue paper and place your two bookmarks like I did in the picture. This will help you when you cut your tissue paper strips. 


Step 4: Cut out the tissue paper strips like I did below. (I have a special gradient tissue paper, but you can use any single color paper too!)


Step 5: Make little cuts along the edges of your strips  to create that pinata effect.


Step 6: (Pro Tip: Start at the bottom of your bookmark!) Put a little bit of glue and center the middle of the strip on your bookmark. There should be flaps to either side. Turn the bookmark over and then glue both flaps in the back.


Step 7: Keep on sticking the strips until you nearly reach the top. Once you get about 1 inch from the top, cut another strip. Do NOT cut it up. You're going to paste these trips to the top of the bookmark to create the llama's "head."


Step 8: Next, we're going to make the llama's harness and eye. For the harness, cut out to small strips of born cardstock like you see in the picture. Use the glue to glue it onto your llama bookmark like in the picture below. For the eye, cut out a circle from the white cardstock. Use a pen or marker to dot it in the middle. Paste onto your bookmark. 





Step 9: Now, you can leave the bookmark as is, OR you can go the extra mile and make the llama's ear! To do this, cut out the shape in the picture below, and simply use some glue and tissue paper to cover the ear. Glue the ear to the back of the bookmark (Pro Tip: Let the ear dry for about 30 mins to 1hr so that it can securely stick to the bookmark).

Step 10: Voila! Enjoy your bookmark! If you've got the time, try different color variations. Got a best friend? Make them a bookmark with their favorite colors : )

Origami Magic!

Origami is the art of Japanese folding.  Watch below as Ms. Teague makes an easy origami dog and then follow the instructions to make your own dog!


Cool Origami App and Website


  How to Make Origami is a really neat app that uses step-by-step instructions to teach you origami!


Origami Simulator allows you to simulate what any origami fold will look like.  It's mesmerizing to watch!

Origami Videos


Un-Valentine's Day Minecraft Keychain DIY


Program By: Miss Monica

Hello friends! This is miss Monica and I wanted to invite you guys to make an awesome Minecraft keychain with me. Whether you're gonna be gifting it to someone you <3 for v-day OR just wanting to do something nice for someone OR you simply want to treat yo'self, read on. I look forward to crafting with y'all.

UPDATE: Okay, so there's a pretty crazy winter storm out there and I hope you're all staying safe and warm. What this winter storm means is that the library has been closed, and so you haven't been able to pick up your craft kits. Don't worry, we'll keep them for you a while longer. If you call the library where it's supposed to be and it's no longer there, don't worry, I can send it right back for you to pick up. Those who were able to get the kits were emailed. 

Book Recommendations

If you liked that video, you may also want to check out the books below! There are books for those of you who like the 8-bit style, those of you who love Minecraft AND cooking, and then there are some books that may interest those of you who are just starting out your Minecraft adventure and need some pointers. Alright crew, this is Miss Monica, signing out!

Chop It UP with SAPL Librarians!

This is a cooking challenge you can follow along with at home! Join SAPL librarian Miss Cari and friends as she is challenged with making a dish out of random items. 

Miss Cari got you interested in cooking? Check out some of these great cook books!


Pom Pom Penguins!


Program by: Miss Valerie

There are so many cool DIYs with yarn out there, and pompom critters are some of the cutest! Here’s how to make your own pompom penguin buddy. 


  1. Pompom makers or cardboard to make your own

  2. Scissors 

  3. Black yarn (about 15 yards plus 8 inches) 

  1. White yarn (about 5 yarns) 

  1. Googly eyes 

  1. Glue 

  1. Pipe cleaners, mini pompoms, felt, and any other decorative element you want to use 



(Optional pre-step):  If you do not have a pompom maker, you can create your own with cardboard.  Draw circle about 2 inches in diameter.  In the middle of that circle, draw another circle about ¾ inch in diameter.  Cut out both the inner circle and outer circle.  Cut out two of these rings to make your pompom maker. 

  1. Place an 8-inch piece of black yarn between your 2 pieces of cardboard.  Leave the ends dangling below.    


2. Wrap about 5 yards of white yarn around the cardboard rings. Only cover half to two thirds of the ring with the white yarn. (Pro Tip: Wrap the yarn as tight as you can!)

3. Wrap the black yarn over the white yarn. You'll need about 15 yards of black yarn. Make sure it completely covers the entire ring. (Pro Tip: Keep wrapping the yarn tight, and try not to let the white yarn show through the layers of black!)

4. Take the ends of the yarn from the middle of your pompom maker and tie in a tight knot. (This will keep your pompom from coming apart when you cut it open.) Hold the ends in one hand and cut the yarn loops along the outer edge of the ring. (Pro Tip: Take it nice and slow. Cut a few loops at a time.)

5. YOU WILL WANT TO DO THIS STOP OVER A TRASH CAN! Remove the cardboard ring and fluff out your pompom. It will be uneven with some yarn strands longer than others. Take your scissors and start cutting off the ends to shape your pompom. Cut off as much or as little as you want. (Pro Tip: Fluff out your pompom every so often to get rid of the fuzz and expose any remaining long strands.)

6. Once you're happy with the shape of your pompom, you can decorate it! You can use felt for feet and a beak. Pipe cleaners and mini pompoms make good earmuffs too.