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BLUEcloud Analytics

Training on how to use BLUEcloud Analytics


Always uncheck the "Overwrite previous versions of this report" box when subscribing to a report.

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What is BCA?

BLUEcloud Analytics - BCA - is one of the reporting tools the library will be using to pull reports from Symphony. 

Available Reports

There are a wide variety of reports available; listed below are the two Folders and subsequent Reports that staff will use most often.

  • Collection Information Folder:
  • List Items by Item Status
  • List Items with Notes
  • List Titles by Author Deceased dates
  • List Titles by Subject Heading
  • Multiple Copies by Owning Library
  • Shelf List by Item Fields
  • Weeding List
  • Collection Size Folder:
    • Collection Counts by Item Fields
    • Item Creation Counts by Item Fields
    • Item Creation Counts by Item Fields Systemwide

Mentor Classes

Take these Mentor Classes* to help get familiar with BCA

  • BcA-1100: BLUEcloud Analytics Introduction for Reporters SELF-PACED 
  • BcA-1210: BLUEcloud Analytics Report Builder Reports 
  • BcA-2210: BLUEcloud Analytics Viewing and Exporting Reports 
  • BcA-2220: BLUEcloud Analytics Subscribing to (Scheduling) Report 

*Since there is a limit to the number of seats in Mentor please request access from Digital Services.