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Connect at Central

Welcome to Connect at Central. Let's explore online resources together.

Self-Directed Learning

Connect History

Connect at Central (Connect)-  is an all-new, 12,800 square foot digital experience made possible by a Federal Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant. This 1.5 million grant project enabled us to make technology and broadband enhancement projects possible at 13 branch libraries as well as build the Connect Center at the Central Library. 

Calendar of Upcoming Classes

We love to share.  Connect at Central by taking a free technology class and share ideas and information with your classmates.  Click on the eReader tab for more information about e Reader U tutoring at our library branches.

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Welcome to Training


 Welcome to Connect at Central:  

Central Connect 2013 computers

 We encourage you to explore our upcoming weekly public classes and tutorials and get to know the library and online resources better.  We offer a collaborative environment where we can teach each other how to use new tools and gain online experience.

Connect Training will offer:

  • Staff experienced in online teaching and learning.
  • A training center of 24 computers & a projector with classes for partner colleges and others.

Connect at Central will have:

  • Increased Wi-Fi capacity and a tech lounge area.
  • A lab of 80 public desktop computers
  • 15 laptops for checkout within the Library.
  • A "technology test drive" component with iPads that support digital literacy, emerging technologies and showcase the Library's digital collection of 35,000 items available for download and checkout.
  • 18 new iMacs and furniture upgrades for the Teen Services Department.
  • Digital screens and signage for special showings. 


Types of Classes

There are four types of information we offer:

Back to Basics: resources to learn basic computer skills, word processing, internet basics, etc.

Library Digital Help: Need help with your eReader, or using the library's digital downloads services? Bring your device for a session with the library's digital experts.   

Life and Learning Skills: how can the library improve your life? From online tutoring to finding a job through the Library's Job & Small Business Center, we got you covered.

21st Century Tech Skills: everything's going online, are you ready?  From online maps to social media, we'll help build your skill set for the digital age.

Getting to Class

Before you begin a computer class, please fill out a brief pre-class survey. 

Your class will be at least 30 minutes long, and will be followed by lab practice or a Q & A session.