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Latino Collection and Resource Center

Located on the first floor of Central Library, the LCRC is home to the Latino Collection and Latinx programs.

Ramiro S. Salazar Art Gallery

Come enjoy art among the bookshelves in the Latino Collection and Resource Center. 

The Ramiro S. Salazar Art Gallery is one of the Latino Collection and Resource Center's amazing features. It includes ten pieces from some of the biggest names in contemporary Chicano/Mexican-American art. All artwork was donated from the collection of Drs. Harriett and Ricardo Romo.

Conjunto by Cris Escobar
Mi Terco Corazón Nunca Aprendió by Cruz Ortiz
Sandia/Watermelon by Carmen Lomas Garza
Corazón de Luto by Kathy Vargas
Flight by Ana Fernandez
Bato Verde by Cesar Martinez
Harriett y Ricardo Cenando by Jacinto Guevara
Baile en 1958 by Carmen Lomas Garza
Sketch of Blue Mustang by Luis Jimenez
Heart Tablescape by Rolando Briseño