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Zines at SAPL

A zine (pronounced zeen) is an independently published booklet.

Big Pride Zine 2022


The Big Pride Zine is here!! 

This year's theme is Be Proud! asked community members to submit entries that answered this question:  

 “What about yourself and your journey are YOU proud of?”

To celebrate Pride Month, June 2022, the San Antonio Public Library's Zine Committee compiled this zine with the help of San Antonio's LGBTQIA+ community! The newly published Big Pride Zine 2022 will be officially released during the Coming Out Day Celebration Tuesday, October 11 at San Antonio College.

We are proud to celebrate the Big Pride Zine's public debut during San Antonio College's  Rainbow Heritage Month events. Rainbow Heritage Month is how SAC celebrates LGBT History Month!

Big Pride Zine 2022 release at Coming Out Day

Librarian Michael Dunbar-Rodney & Library Assistant Navarre Maldonado engage with the community during Coming Out Day 2022.

SAPL outreach at SAC's Coming Out Day to debut the Big Pride Zine 2022

SAPL's Pop-Up Zine Kit display at SAC's Coming Out Day to celebrate the release of the Big Pride Zine 2022!!