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Antique and Art Collecting

Looking to buy or sell antiques or fine arts? Here's a few tips and resources from the library.

Things to Consider

Antique and Art Collecting

Is something collectible, a family treasure, or both?  Antique and Art collecting depends on having a buyer and a seller willing to agree on a price. 

While the library doesn't do appraisals, the following resources may be helpful in doing your own research at the library.

Whether you're searching the catalog or meeting with an appraiser, the first step is to figure out what you have.  Here are some considerations:

1) What is it made of? (glass, silver, etc)

2) Is it from a particular region or country? 

3) Does it have a brand (Matel Toys) or signature/mark on it?

4) How old is it? (Victorian or 1960s)

5) Do you have a bill of sale or certificate of authenticity?


Search Our Databases

Check out our Magazine databases for interesting articles on the world of collectibles.  Choose antiques in a publication search for targeted results.

Web Sites of Interest

The following web sites provide detailed information about antique and art collecting.