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SAPL is Here For You!

Our world is experiencing some drastic changes. SAPL wants to let you know that we are here for you throughout the process! Explore this guide for creative ideas, eBook picks, resources to help you and your family learn from home, and virtual programming.

Virtual Teen Programs on Discord


The 210teenlibrary Discord server hosts virtual teen programs
and is a place for teens to hang out together, whenever!

Teens (ages 13-18) can join the 210teenlibrary Discord server
by filling out this form to get the invite link.

What's Discord?

For more info on what Discord is and how it works, check out this short video:

Teen Winter 2021

Current virtual teen programs run Monday through Saturday;
program start times may change and most programs run for ~2 hours.
Check the server for the latest program updates.

  • JAM CLUB: Mondays @ 4:30 PM
    NEW program starting November 2020! Whether you already play an instrument, would like to learn how to play something, or just want to share some awesome songs, come hang out with other teens on the server and chat about music.
  • TEEN TIME: Tuesdays @ 4:30 PM
    Hang out with other teens and chat about whatever. Every week is different and you get to decide what activity we do.
  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Wednesdays @ 4:30 PM
    A weekly homebrew campaign led by a Teen Dungeon Master. Teens are welcome to join the adventure at any time, no matter their experience level with the game.
  • RANDOM FANDOM: Thursdays @ 4:30 PM
    For any teen who wants to chat about their favorite fandoms and pop culture topics with other teens!
  • TRYDAY FRIDAY: Fridays @ 4:30 PM
    New to tabletop gaming? Or want to try a new tabletop game? Tryday Friday rotates through different tabletop games; you get to vote on what games to play, and you can even try out being a game/dungeon master. All experience levels are welcome.
  • BOOKWORMS: Saturdays @ 1 PM
    A weekly book club for teens; discover new books and share your favorites.
  • GAMING CLUB: Saturdays @ 3 PM
    Hang out with other teens and talk about what you’re currently playing, discuss your all-time favorite video games, play some online games, and more. On most Saturdays, you can join early at 2 PM for Rocket League coaching from a professional teen gamer.


Teens (ages 13-18) can join the 210teenlibrary Discord server
by filling out this form to get the invite link.

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