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Creating Characters

Mike Crilley shows how to create characters!


undefinedDraw Furries
How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals

by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges

How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy AnimalsWhat do you get when you cross a human with a horse (or a hamster, or a hummingbird)? You get any one of a number of fun anthropomorphic animals, also known as "furries" to their friends. From facial expressions to creative coloring, this book contains all the know-how you need to create anthropomorphic cat, dog, horse, rodent and bird characters.

undefinedManga For Dummies
by Kensuke Okabayashi

If you love Manga, you’ll eat Manga For Dummies, right up. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create all of your favorite Manga characters from rough sketch through final full-color renderings.  You’ll build your skills as you draw animals, mythical creatures, superheroes, teenagers, and villains—along with their weapons, cars, and homes. Soon you’ll be inventing your own characters and placing them in stylish poses and stirring action scenes. Before you know it you’ll be knocking out storyboards and plotlines for you own Manga book.

undefinedDiscover Manga Drawing
30 Basic Lessons for Drawing Guys and Girls

by Mario Galea

You can draw manga! And you'll have fun doing it as you create dozens of guys and girls in a variety of costumes. The easy lessons in this book make drawing in the world's most popular style as easy as picking up a pencil.


undefinedManga Monster Madness

by David Okum

A guide for middle-school and teen illustrators outlines the steps needed to master Manga-style drawing techniques, in a series of fifty step-by-step instructions that teach young people how to draw specific characters while learning basic techniques from color theory to anatomy.

undefinedManga Fantasy Madness
Over 50 Basic Lessons for Drawing Warriors, Wizards, Monsters and more

by David Okum

Enter the magical world of fantasy manga! Draw wizards, warriors, elves, knights, dragons, goblins and many more enchanted beings and creatures from faraway lands!


undefinedYou Can Do a Graphic Novel
by Barbara Slate
A guide to creating graphic novels- presented in the form of a graphic novel- from a veteran in the field! In You Can Do a Graphic Novel, Barbara Slate guides aspiring graphic novelists through the same process she learned in her early days working for Marvel and DC Comics-a process she has simplified for the classes she teaches. Written in the form of a graphic novel itself, the book covers all the components and shows readers how to: * Find their own drawing style regardless of ability * Create memorable characters, compelling plots and subplots, and engaging dialog."

undefinedStan Lee's How to Write Comics
by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Comics icon Stan Lee, creator of the Mighty Marvel Universe, has set about to teach everything he knows about writing and creating comic book characters. In these pages, aspiring comics writers will learn everything they need to know about how to write their own comic book stories, complete with easy to understand instruction, tips of the trade, and invaluable advice even for more advance writers. From the secrets to creating concepts, plots, to writing the script, the man with no peer -- Stan Lee--is your guide to the world of writing and creating comics.

undefinedThe DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics
by Freddie E Williams II and Brian Bolland

The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics shows how to give up pencil, pen, and paper and start drawing dynamic, exciting comics art entirely with computer tools. Author Freddie E Williams is one of DC Comics' hottest artists and a leader in digital penciling and inking-and here, in clear, step-by-step directions, he guides readers through every part of the digital process, from turning on the computer to finishing a digital file of fully inked comic art, ready for print. 

undefinedThe Insider's Guide to Creating Comics and Graphic Novels
by Andy Schmidt

Written for upcoming creative stars and comic book enthusiasts, The Insider's Guide to Comics and Graphic Novels covers the entire creative process from beginning to end, from fine-tuning a script to the nuances of camera angles, costume design and lettering. You'll learn not only how to emulate a camera pan, hit 'em with a splash page and shift into slow motion, but also WHEN and WHY to dip into that bag of graphic tricks for maximum impact.