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Summer Reading 2021

Take on these Summer with SAPL Challenges!

Family Portrait! 

Gather your family and head outside to create a life-size family chalk portrait.

The steps are simple: 

~First, lie down and take turns tracing each other with chalk. 

~Next, add faces and clothes to the silhouettes. 

~Then stand back and view your masterpiece. 


National Play Outside Day! 

What is your favorite activity to do outside in the summer? Celebrate the day by...

~Running through the sprinkler in your yard

~Playing with butterflies

~Swimming in your neighborhood pool

~Playing soccer with your friends

~Eating your favorite ice cream or paleta

                                                       Whatever you do, be sure to soak it in! 


Friends and Family Treasure Hunt! 

Ahoy! This challenge consists of creating a treasure hunt with your friends and family. 

~First, you'll want to divide into groups and have one group hide toys or objects around the house or yard. 

~Next, they'll draw a map with clues leading to the treasure! (For an old-fashioned look, soak the map in tea and let it dry!)

~Last, the other group can search for the treasure using the map! 


Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

Celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day with your favorite stuffed animal and friends by packing a picnic with your favorite food or...

~Draw a picture

~Read a story

~Have a dance party with your teddy bear! 

The possibilities are endless! How will you celebrate?


July is National Park & Recreation Month

In this Summer with SAPL challenge we dare you to ...

~Venture out and spend some time at one of the many city parks. (Check out San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department for locations!)

~If you have a pet, take them for a walk on a trail. 

~Are you the adventurous type? Then set of to explore a new park with your family and/or your friends. 


Celebrate Uncommon Musical Instrument Day!

This Summer with SAPL Challenge dares you to use your imagination and items around your home to create the next greatest musical instrument. 

From egg carton maracas to sound jars, inspiration is all around! 

What instrument will you create?