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Harry Potter

Everything you need and want to know about Harry Potter will be found here. Join us for an awesome event September 1st celebrating 1st Day of Hogwarts!

Be the Professor

Assignment 1 – Potions; Professor Wolfsbane  

Witches and wizards, before you know it you will have completed your years at Hogwarts and have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Among you there will be some who will even take the role of professor at a school of witchcraft and wizardry. I challenge you to hone your skills, take charge, and BE the professor. For this assignment, you shall act as professor to a loved one or friend while practicing your aptitude for crafting the Polyjuice Potion. As a reminder, do not ingest. Doing so is strictly prohibited. 

Materials to Collect 

  • Cauldron (if your cauldron is already bubbling, a simple bowl will suffice) 

  • Pixie Dust (glitter) 

  • Wartcap Powder (baking soda) – 1 spoon full 

  • Dragon’s Blood OR Troll Snot (red or green dish soap)– 1 spoon full  

  • Baby’s Breath (White Vinegar) – add until just right 

  • Wand (spoon) - for mixing 


Mix one part Wartcap Powder into your cauldron with one part Dragon’s Blood or Troll Snot. Add Pixie Dust to mask the horrid taste (or, attempt to). Add the Baby’s Breath and you have your Polyjuice Potion. If you’ve succeeded your potion should be bubbling angrily. Due next week.