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New to computers? No problem. We offer free computer classes at most library branches. Basic computer skills are essential in today's job market.

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Welcome to the Resume Guide

This guide will give you tips to format a new resume or update an older resume for today's job market. Need more examples? Check out one of our books to see how to craft a job specific resume or visit a database and build your own!

What is a résumé

The word résumé comes from French and means to resume or summarize. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it can be:

1. a summary

2. a curriculum vitae which is Latin for the course of one's life

3. a set of accomplishments.

Favorite Books

You can find more books in our catalog under these keywords: inteviewing, resume, job hunting and employment interviewing. Search Catalog

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Need a little one-on-one assistance? Try these local agencies!