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Local History

San Antonio Public Library's Texana/Genealogy department presents a subject guide on Local History.

Juanima Wells

The first director of the Bexar County Free Library was Miss Juanima Wells.  Although, born in Oklahoma, Miss Wells was a 1923 graduate of Brackenridge High School and had earned her library degree from the University of North Carolina.  She led the Bexar County Free Library's bookmobile program for 17 years, from its inception in 1936 until 1953, when it merged with the San Antonio Public Library's mobile service. 

This photo was taken on a trip to Ft. Worth in 1940.  Miss Wells is showing a book to Ft. Worth librarian Harry Peterson.

Original image part of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. Identifier: AR406-6-1153.




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