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African American Funeral Programs

African American Funeral Programs -The Portal to Texas History

Archival Finding Aids -Governmental binder (under "San Antonio Parks & Recreation Dept.")

Collins Funeral Home Records

IOOF Odd Fellows Cemetery

Knights of Pythias Cemetery Lot Owners Association

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Welcome to Cemeteries


Cemeteries - from the Greek word meaning sleeping place. Bone yards, burial grounds, God's acre, graveyards, memorial parks, necropolis, potter's field, they go by various names.  They may also take various formats such as six feet under, sky burials, ossuaries, crypts, mausoleums, sepulchre, tombs, vaults or catacombs.  Whatever shape they take they are the "resting place" of the physical body after it ceases to be. A deep and distinct history, ethnicity, and culture is established by exploring the land of the dead.
This guide is designed to introduce you to books, databases, web sites, and other sources of information related to that phase in time when you physically dissolve.

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The Following web sites provide detailed information on topics related to cemeteries.