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Comics. You think of childish superheroes and the Sunday paper. But now they are the talk of Hollywood. For newcomers to comic books and old fans of the classics, here is a guide to superheroes, graphic novels, and all that is in between.

New Comics

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How to become a comic book artist

What are Comics?

Comics range from a single image to graphic novels with page counts in the hundreds. They can be satirical or serious, and can showcase everything from politics to high fantasy. There are comics for all audiences, and no matter what your mood, there is something within this broad range for you. The most famous comics go back to classic Peanuts, Marvel's Spiderman, and DC's Superman, while modern titles vary from Bone to Persepolis. This guide will showcase the wide array of comics available through the San Antonio Library System, and provide some background on the history of this great art form. We hope you will find many comics you come to love!

How to draw comics

How to make a comic book