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Welcome to Connect at Central. Let's explore online resources together.

Computer Basics

Save to a Flash Drive

Here's how to save to a flash drive at any library:

Stick your flash drive in the USB plug.  

  • In your program, go to Save As.
  • Select Computer.
  • Select the right removable disk: for example e:\
  • Name your document and hit save.
  • Don't forget to safely remove and unplug your flash drive when done.

Saving to a flash drive is important.

It allows you to attach a document or picture to your email and send it.

For our newer computers (Microsoft 2010 and Windows 7) please follow the instructions on the attachment for additional saving options.  You can also save temporarily to the desktop on many PCs.

Using a Mouse

How to Search Online

Online Safety

One (or maybe two) things at a time...

The more internet browser windows you have open, the slower a computer may run.  So just have a few browsers or browser tabs open at once.

Getting online - the address bar

  • To get to websites, you can either click on the link or go to the top address bar and type where you want to go.  
  • First highlight the website that's there using your mouse, then hit delete to get rid of that website.  
  • Now type the web address of where you want to go.  For example, you can type and then hit enter to go to the Google search engine.  If you don't know what the website address is, going to is a great place to search. 
  • Check out the video below for how to do an advanced search - handy if you have too many results.

Basic Video

In this video, you will need a headset to listen to instructions.  This tutorial will teach you how to use advanced searching to find websites you are looking for.


Playing Music CDs and DVDs


To play a CD, please first open Windows Media Player.

Then insert your DVD/CD into the drive.

A DVD will play automatically and a CD will open up the playlist.

If your DVD/CD requires software to be downloaded to the PC to play, our PCs are unfortunately unable to play the disc.  Our city network restricts the download of software to individual PCs by customers or library staff.    

Keyboard shortcuts

Try these keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + X = Cut

Ctrl +V = Paste

Ctrl + S = Save

Ctrl + O = Open

Ctrl + Z = Undo the last thing

Ctrl + Y = Redo the last thing

Ctrl + F = Find text

Printscreen = take a screenshot

Ctrl + T = Open a new browser tab

Ctrl + W = Close the current browser tab

photo credit: illuminated keyboard by flod, Flickr.