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Connect at Central

Welcome to Connect at Central. Let's explore online resources together.

Microsoft Office 2010

In Connect at Central, we offer Microsoft Office 2010.  These excellent tutorials from Goodwill Learn Free will give you a heads start.

Maps Online

Maps on the internet can open the whole world - literally.  Enjoy learning about new tools to get around and learn about our world.

Open Software and Learning

The Open Education movement shares class content freely, so educators and students can connect across the world.  Enjoy exploring creative classes from top minds, everywhere.

Social Media

Connections happen quickly in our Digital Age.  Let's get started.


A technical education class specializing in business administration

Content Creation Tools

Are you interested in creating, mixing and sharing images and sound?  Use these content creation tools to make something unique.

Build a Program or Webpage

What makes a website tick?  Learn more about the basics of programming on these handy sites.