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African American Resources

Historic Newspapers

San Antonio Informer

21 Oct. 1988 - Dec 1995 (microfilm)

San Antonio Inquirer

July-Aug 1918, 29 Nov 1924, 7 Nov 1925 (microfilm)

San Antonio Observer

2001- 2012 (hard copies)

San Antonio Register

29 May 1931-26 June 1986,

1987-2002 (microfilm)

2004-2015 (hard copies)

Black Journals Microfiche Collection

***Please Note: At present, access is extremely limited due to the Worldwide Pandemic.  All these items  are on Microfiche.  Contact Texana at 210-207-2500 to discuss access. 

American Anti-Slavery Reporter. American Anti-Slavery Society; New York, Nos. 1-8 (1834)

Anti-Slavery Examiner. American Anti-Slavery Society; New York, Nos. 1-14 (1836-1845)

Anti-Slavery Record. American Anti-Slavery Society; New York, V. 1-3 (1835-1837)

Brown American. National Association of Negroes in American Industries;      Philadelphia, V. 1-5 No. 8, (1936-1945)

Colored American Magazine. Boston, New York,  V. 1-17 No. 5 (1900-1909)

Color Line: A Monthly Round-Up of the Facts of Negro American Progress and

of the Growth of American Democracy. Mt. Vernon, N.Y., V. 1-2 No. 6 (1946-1947)

Crisis: A Record of the Darker Races. NAACP; New York, Nos. 1-47 (1910-1940)

Douglass’ Monthly. Rochester, N.Y., V. 1-5 (1858-1863)

Fire!! Devoted to Younger Negro Artists. New York, V. 1 No. 1 (1926)

Harlem Quarterly. New York, Nos. 1-4 (1949-1950)

Messenger: World’s Greatest Negro Monthly. New York, V. 1-10 No. 5 (1917-1928)

National Negro Health News. U.S. Public Health Service; Washington, D.C., V. 1-18 No. 2 (1933-1950)

National Negro Voice. Kingston, Jamaica, Nos. 1-11 (1941)

Negro Music Journal: A Monthly, Devoted to the Educational Interest of the Negro in Music. Washington, D.C., V. 1-2 (1902-1903)

Negro Quarterly: A Review of Negro Life and Culture. New York, Nos. 1-4 (1942-1943)

Negro Story: A Magazine for All Americans. Chicago, V. 1-2 No. 3 (1944-1946)

Quarterly Review of Higher Education among Negroes. Charlotte, N.C., V. 1-28 (1933-1960)

Race Relations: A Monthly Summary of Events and Trends. Nashville, Tenn., V. 1-5 (1943-1948)

Radical Abolitionist. New York, V. 1-4 No. 5 (1855-1858)Slavery in America: With Notices of the Present State of Slavery and the Slave

Trade throughout the World. London, Nos. 1-14 (1836-1837)

Southern Frontier. Commission on Interracial Cooperation; Atlanta, V. 1-6 (1940-1945)

Voice of the Negro. Atlanta, Chicago, V. 1-4 No. 10 (1904-1907)

The Portal to Texas History

The San Antonio Register, the city's second black-oriented, locally focused, weekly newspaper, was founded by its owner and publisher, Valmo C. Bellinger, and first appeared in print on April 10, 1931. For the next forty-seven years, 2,491 consecutive editions, including three extras, were produced without interruption before the paper finally collapsed in late 1978, then changed ownership early in 1979.  The Register has been digitized and made available online through the Texas Digital Newspaper Program.  The issues begin on May 29, 1931 and run through December 2000.  The keyword searchable digital newspaper scans provide an invaluable record of San Antonio's African-American community in the 20th Century.
Click on the link to browse the San Antonio Register.