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Star Trek

Information on Star Trek television shows, books and movies

Star Trek DS9 DVDs

Season One

At Deep Space Nine, a space station located next to a wormhole, Cmdr. Sisko (Avery Brooks) and crew members Odo (Rene Auberjonois), O'Brien (Colm Meaney) and Dax (Terry Farrell) welcome alien visitors, root out evildoers and solve all types of unexpected problems that come their way.

Season Two

Commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) heads the crew of Deep Space Nine -- including Odo (Rene Auberjonois), Worf (Michael Dom), Dax (Terry Farrell) and others -- as it travels through space, trying to keep both the space station and the areas it travels safe, secure and free.

Season Three

Located at the mouth of the outer space "wormhole" that allows travel from Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quandrant -- where the cruel and vindictive Dominion reigns supreme -- DS9 is well-positioned for adventures of all kinds.

Season Four

Season 4 of the hit sci-fi series proves pivotal as the Dominion gains the ascendancy and an all-out battle begins between Klingons and embattled space station defenders. Worf (Michael Dorn) is back as part of an insidious strategy by the Klingons.

Season Five

The fifth season of "Deep Space Nine" marks a turning point for the show. The Klingon faction instigated by Worf's arrival is occasionally played for laughs, but mostly, their hardheaded personalities foil all diplomatic efforts.

Season Six

Much upheaval takes place in the sixth season of this popular sci-fi spinoff. The Dominion War rages on, and the crew, led by commander Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) must find a way to soldier on in the face of turmoil.

Season Seven

The mixed Deep Space Nine crew of Federation and Bajoran officers winds up the seventh and final season of the show with suspenseful episodes that try to pull together all the plot threads (or at least the biggest ones).

Deep Space Nine Summary

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near the mouth of a stable wormhole on the far reaches of explored space.  Although Sisko commands Deep Space 9, the station actually belongs to the inhabitants of nearby Bajor, who requested Starfleet’s protective presence after Bajoran freedom fighters put an end to the brutal Cardassian occupation of their world.  Approximately a sixth of the station’s 300 permanent residents are Starfleet personnel; there is also a sizable Bajoran militia presence.  The rest of Deep Space 9’s inhabitants are civilians, most of whom work in the station’s Promenade, a kind of indoor marketplace.  Initially, Sisko’s mandate from Starfleet was to protect Bajor and the station from any hostiles who ventured into the area.  But with the discovery of the nearby wormhole—a shortcut through space that leads directly to the uncharted Gamma quadrant—Sisko’s mandate has expanded exponentially, as the region becomes the gateway to all manner of visitors, both friendly and extremely hostile. -From

Star Trek Deep Space Nine DVD Trailer

Deep Space Nine Books

This list is in chronological order. It may not contain some crossover books. If you are interested in reading ones the library does not own you can request a purchase or order them through Interlibrary Loan. The links listed here will take you to goodreads for a synopsis.

Emissary by J.M. Dillard

The Siege by Peter David

Bloodletter by Globe Fearon

The Big Game by Sandy Schofield

Fallen Heroes by David ab Hugh

Betrayal by Lois Tilton

Warchild by Esther M. Friesner

Antimatter by John Vornholt

Proud Helios by Melissa Scott

Valhalla by Nathan Archer

Devil in the Sky by Greg Cox

The Laertian Gamble by Robert Sheckley

Station Rage by Diane Carey

The Long Night by Dean Wesley Smith

Objective: Bajor by John Peel

Invasion! #3: Time's Enemy by L.A. Graf

The Heart of the Warrior by John Gregory Betancourt

Saratoga by Jan Michael Friedman

The Tempest by Susan Wright

Wrath of the Prophets by Peter David

Trial by Error by Mark A. Garland

Vengeance by Dafydd ab Hugh

The 34th Rule by Armin Shimerman


Rebels Series:

The Conquered by Dafydd ab Hugh

The Courageous by Dafydd ab Hugh *Owned by the library

 The Liberated by Dafydd ab Hugh

Warped by K.W. Jeter *Owned by the library

Legends of the Ferengi by Ira Steven Behr *Owned by the library

Day of Honor #2: Armageddon Sky by L.A. Graf

The Captain's Table #3: The Mist by Dean Wesley Smith


The Dominion War:

#2: Call to Arms by Diane Carey *Owned by the library

#4: Sacrifice of Angels by Diane Carey


Millennium Trilogy:

The Fall of Terok Nor by Judith Reeves-Stevens

The War of the Prophets by Judith Reeves-Stevens

Inferno by Judith Reeves-Stevens


Prophecy and Change by Marco Palmieri

Hollow Men by Una McCormack

These books take place after the end of the television show. If you are interested in reading ones the library does not own you can order them through Interlibrary Loan. Book links take you to Goodreads.