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Teen Services Web

A professional development guide for Teen Librarians, Teen Liaisons, and anyone else fortunate enough to work with Teens in the Library.

Where is the application?

The Volunteer Application form can be found below. It also lives on the Teen Volunteer Opportunities guide, and on the Organizational Health Unit Libguide under Volunteer Forms.

Where do I send it?

The completed Teen Volunteer Application can be sent in bin mail to CEN- Organizational  Health  (starting 12/6/21) Collins Garden: Attn: Daniella Toll.

  • For Off-site Volunteers: Please scan the first page of the application and email to the teen volunteer liaison (currently This helps us out, because after the paper application is sent for the background check, it can be nearly impossible to get back.
  • For In-person Volunteers: We must have the teen's emergency contact info on file at the location the teen is volunteering at.
  • Teens are welcome to simultaneously volunteer in-person and off-site!


When can the teen start?

Let the teen know that it may take a while (week or two) for their application and background check to get processed.

  • When the background check is cleared, the volunteer liaison at the branch will call the teen to schedule their onboarding.
  • For Off-site volunteers, the off-site supervisor will call them and help connect the teen with the staff leading their on-boarding.