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Why Playdough?

Playdough is a perfect toy because it can be anything!  There are so many benefits to squishing and squashing, mixing, and mashing playdough.

  • Writing: Playing with playdough strengthens the muscles in children's fingers and hands.  These small muscles are essential for holding a pencil, crayon or marker. 
  • Science: Mixing up homemade playdough offers opportunities to experience physical changes.  Too much water? The playdough is sticky. Not enough liquid? The playdough won't hold together. Playing around with these physical changes is an opportunity for experimentation and observation.  
  • Math: Talking during playdough time provides opportunities for comparisons.  My snake is longer than yours; your pancake is flatter than mine; my ball is smaller than yours. 
  • Play: Sharing playdough time with others provides opportunities for conversation and cooperation.  What can you make?  How does the playdough feel or smell?  

For more information about the value of playdough, try these websites: