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Astrology & Numerology

Need some help beginning your research on your zodiac sign? Start here to see what the stars have in store for you.

Welcome to the Astrology and Numerology LibGuide...

Astrology and Numerology are metaphysical sciences used to explain occurrences or phenomena. Many people believe that a person's character and personality depend upon the combined numbers of their birth day or the position of the stars on the day they were born. 
Over time, Astrologers have broken  the year into twelve different star signs, each with unique characteristics influencing to the way someone born under the signs interacts with others and makes decisions. Similarly, numerologists have decoded the ways birthdays and names present information about a person's life or personality. Each of these beliefs are used to predict something that is to happen or used by followers of the practice to make daily decisions. 
Feel free to browse this libguide to see what SAPL has to offer in order to learn more about your zodiac sign or the numbers compiled in your numerological calculation.