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San Antonio Library Scavenger Hunt

A non-contact scavenger hunt

Quest List

Items to "Find"

1. Make a Halloween costume out of household items  

2. Create a Thanksgiving center piece out of things found in nature  

3. Design a social distance Halloween candy delivery system  

4. Make a sugar skull without using sugar  

5. Carve a pumpkin with a library or literary theme  

6. Make a Day of the Dead altar for your favorite dead celebrity or celebrities 

7. Draw a Thanksgiving scene using your non-dominant hand or with your foot 

8. Use pumpkin spices to create a Fall scene or object

9. Use candy corn to make corn on the cob 

10. Take a selfie with a scarecrow  (bonus points if it's in a field)

11. Dress your pet in a Halloween costume (bonus points if it's a black cat)

12. Look for a Pumpkin that is not orange 

13. Find fall leaves from as many different trees as you can 

14. Create art with Fall leaves of different colors on a piece of paper 

15. Take a picture of individual items that are each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) 

16. Prepare for winter- put on as many layers of clothes as you can.

17. Who needs turkey? Take a picture of a live duck (don’t eat it). 

18. Take a picture in front of the Alamo or other San Antonio landmark wearing a costume 

19. Carve a turkey out of a vegetable or fruit

20. Create your own funny tombstone using a made-up name