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Introduction To Coding

Find online coding learning resources and tips here!

Benefits of Learning to Code

Coding is a very present part of our lives now! With everything or nearly everything, being done on computers, smartphones, and tablets its a good idea to learn the basics of coding. With learning this new skill you can become more self-sufficient, increase your job marketability, and improve your collaboration skills since there is A LOT of collaboration in coding (especially on really bog projects!).

In this guide, you will find online resources to help learn the basics of coding, suggestions for free platforms to practice your coding, links to books (physical and digital) in the SAPL catalog, and links to videos to help you as you try your hand at coding.  

Best of luck! And know that SAPL is always here to help!


"13 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code"

"5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Coding"

Where to Start??

This is a great webinar that talks about coding languages and where you should start to fit your needs! Give it a look!