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Journal Ideas

Journals can provide a creative channel, organize thoughts, and set goals!

Virtual Sketchbook & Journaling Club

★-Virtual Meet-ups-★

No matter if you're a beginner or experienced this is a relaxed place to be. Feel free to chat, write, draw, or talk about your favorite artist's/journaler's work.  Let's work on filling those sketchbooks/journals with fun practice! Bring your favorite pens, pencils, and a refreshing drink! This program is for 18+ only. Zoom online meetings.

Video is optional!

Sign up for the event is below the prompts. Prompts are always optional.


April 18th, 2022 @4:15PM CST

Album cover-

            Pick one of your favorite songs. If the musician/singer asked you to make cover art for that song what would it look like. Sketch and write about the concept.

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