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Everything Kawaii

Kawaii means cute in Japanese

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Idol info

Idol is a label for entertainers in Japan and Korea. Typically involves dancing and singing. It can also include acting and other entertainer jobs. Although how each country treats and perceives idols is very different!  

Japan enjoys seeing the growth of idols (beginner skills that are improved upon while performing/recording)

Korea's idols are polished from the start (years practicing before ever performing or recording) 

There are Overseas Idols- which are people inspired by Japan's Idols located in other countries- including here! I will be posting content from all these categories. 

My blurb here is basic to help those that are new, but there is a lot more to idols.  Below are some links for those curious and want to learn more. Above is a playlist that includes the different kind of idols plus other music.

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