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A guide to help understand and integrate Mindfulness into your daily life.

Brain Break


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Brain Break


Tips, Tricks, & Practice

Try these quick tips, tricks and activities for tangible mindfulness.
Lvl 1 - Apprentice!
Lvl 2 – Journeyman!
Lvl 3 - Mindful Master!

The Body Scan


This exercise involves taking stock of your body through mental awareness of your physical form. Great place to start!
Free PDF for exercise

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Digital Overload

Lvl 1

The digital age gives us 24 hours access to information. With that knowledge can come a greater level of self imposed responsibility to know everything. Give yourself and your mind a much needed break from your devices.

NPR: Digital Overload

Digital Break

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Five Senses

Lvl 2

This exercise is most useful when you feel overwhelmed and need to ground yourself. Easier the more you practice.

Free PDF (pg. 2)

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Mindful Jar

Lvl 1

Fun little DIY to help when you feel yourself moving too fast. Just shake the jar, sit back, and just float.


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