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NaNoWriMo & Storychain Program

This guide is meant to compliment the virtual literary adult services events starting in November 2020. It will act as an FAQ for participants registered for the NaNoWriMo and Storychain event and for future virtual literary and creative writing events.


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Angelina Cortes
Westfall Library

FAQs of the Storychain program

Q: What is SAPL's NANOWRIMO Story-chains? 
A: A community-created story, written one user at a time. A great way for writers to have some fun and hone their writing skills together online during National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO).


Q: Cool! How do I contribute?
A: Sign up for an event time in the month of November by clicking here. Once the event begins, a moderator will assign you one of the plots and link you to the form. 


Q: Is there a time limit?
A: Yes! You will have 30 minutes to read the ongoing story and contribute. Don't worry about formatting/grammar/spelling, just write! 


Q: I don't see my submission added to the story-chain after submitting. What happened?
A: Once you hit submit, a moderator will need to approve your work. After they approve, your work will appear in the chain. 


Q: What do I need?
A: Internet access, a Discord account (you will get an invite to the Discord Channel when you sign up at, and a device to type on like a computer, tablet, or cell phone.


Q: What if I prefer to write a story on my own but want to meet fellow writers?
A: NANOWRIMO is not endorsing in-person write-ins this year but we'd love to have you in our virtual chat. Tell us about your story on the Discord Channel.

Writers of every style are welcome.