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Contest Guidelines

2023 Ekphrastic Poetry Contest

Poets from San Antonio and South Texas are invited enter the 2023 Ekphrastic Poetry Contest by writing poems inspired by selected artworks from five San Antonio arts institutions. There is no entry fee.


What is Ekphrastic Poetry? In simplest terms, an ekphrastic poem is one written in response to another art form:  a visual work of art; a piece of music or dance, etc. For purposes of this National Poetry Month Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, write a response to a visual work of art. Examples of famous ekphrastic poems are: Ode to a Grecian Urn by John Keats; Nine Nectarines and Other Porcelain by Marianne Moore; and The Starry Night by Ann Sexton.

Deadline - March 10, 2023
See PDF attached below for full contest guidelines

Artwork - 2023 Contest

McNay Art Museum


Credit Information:

vanessa german, BLACK GIRL WITH SNAKES, 2020. Assemblage. Museum purchase with funds gifted anonymously in memory of Madeline O’Connor. © vanessa german

Briscoe Western Art Museum


Credit Information:

Jerry Jordan (b. 1944), Listen for the Drums, 2013, Oil on Canvas.  


Purchased with funds provided by the Jack and Valerie Gunther Foundation 


Ruby City


Credit information included below as PDF

Witte Museum


Credit Information:

Object Name/Title: Jovita Idar Little Pantry Cabinet 

Donor: Gift of Jovita Idar Little Pantry & Fridge 

San Antonio Museum of Art


Credit information included below as PDF