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Pop Madness

Popular Culture Celebration at the San Antonio Public Library

Texas Lego User Group

TexLUG is short for Texas LEGO User Group, a loose-knit group of folks living in and around San Antonio, Texas bound together by a single trait: our love of the LEGO building brick. Members will be displaying their own selection of LEGO® themed pop culture creations made exclusively of LEGO® bricks and elements.


“Catch’em All” at the Pokémon Champions Arena! All Pokémon fans, trainers, traders, and collectors are invited to stop by the Pokémon Champions Arena for Pokémon Go Battle tournaments, Pokémon crafts, Pokémon card gaming, trading and more. All activities will be in Central Library’s Auditorium from 10 AM to 2 PM. If you wish to battle on Pokémon Go please bring a device with the app already downloaded.




Vinland Texas Vikings is comprised of multiple groups throughout the state. Vinland Texas Vikings is a 501 (c) (3) registered nonprofit organization who routinely displays living history encampments at local Renaissance Faires, schools and festivals looking for educational demos, Viking reenactment and steel combat demonstrations set in the Viking age. Formed in 2014 as the only living history organization in the state purely focused on full contact Eastern Style fighting and is currently the largest Viking Age living history organization in the US. 




Central Texas Werewolves is a board gaming group that focuses primarily on social deception/hidden role games, including Are You A Werewolf, Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Werewords, Resistance/Avalon, and Secret Hitler. The basic concept of all of these games is that each player is a member of one of two teams: The good guys, who are greater in number but don't know who each other are, and the bad guys, who are smaller in number but all know each other. Through lying and backstabbing your friends, you must help lead your team to victory by finding and eliminating members of the other team.



Free Play Video Games There will be Super Mario Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart for the Switch.




Tabletop Gaming A variety of board and card games will be available for play.






Kick back from the excitement of the convention in our Ted Lasso Chill Corner! You can make your own box for biscuits with the boss, create a Believe sign, take a photo with Ted, try on some mustaches or just relax.





Mystical Goddess Belly Dancers will transport you to a far away land with the magic of dance.




Talk with the creator of the Awakened Night Series, a Sci-Fi thriller taking place in 3067. Delta Corp, an evil futuristic government, is cross breeding alien DNA with human to create the ultimate instrument of war. Dr. Joseph Burdens, under involuntary hypnosis, works as a scientist for the Deltas. A fringe event awakens not only the doctor but also Eve, an alien guinea pig imprisoned in a dream like state. The Deltas deadliest mutation, the Dark Crawler has escaped as well. Eve's offspring teleport to the past to help stop the Deltas from creating a super human army that will enslave the human race.