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Anniv-Potranco 5th

Potranco Branch Library


Sun   10am - 6pm
Mon   12pm - 8pm
Tue   12pm - 8pm
Wed   10am - 6pm
Thu   10am - 6pm
Fri   10am - 6pm
Sat     10am - 6pm


Available Services

Browsing, Contact-Free Pickup & Computer Access

Mon-Tue: 12pm to 8pm
Wed–Sat: 10am to 6pm

Outside Wi-Fi Access

7:30AM - 10:30PM



Potranco Library
8765 State Hwy 151 Access Rd
San Antonio, TX 78245


Thank you for joining us to celebrate Potranco Branch Library and its 5 years of service to the far west-side community!  We are excited to have you here!


Congratulatory words from Melissa Cabello Havrda,

Councilwoman, District 6


Potranco Branch Library: Through the years...

Potranco's First Guests!

2020 Staff Holiday Greeting Card

2018 Staff Transformation Day

2018 Tween Time Lego Challenge Program

2017 Potranco FIESTA Float

2017 Teen Time Mom's Day Card Program

2018 Dino Day Program

2018 Staff New Year's picture

2018 STEAM Butterfly Program

More Steam Butterflies!

Playdough Day

Potranco LibBox

Tween Time Lava Lamps

Spooky Walk

Teen Manga Club

Words from Paul Stahl, Chair,

San Antonio Public Library Board of Trustees


"Congratulations Potranco! Time sure has flown as we commemorate five wonderful years of service to the District 6 community. For the past five years, Potranco has served the northwest side community as a welcoming community space where residents of all ages can learn and grow. I invite you to take part in celebrating this milestone. Once again, congratulations to Potranco, its staff, community, and supporters! Thank you."

- Paul Stahl, Chair, San Antonio Public Library Board of Trustees


Well-wishes from Maria Fernanda Cardenas,

District 6 Trustee, San Antonio Public Library

"Happy 5th Anniversary Potranco Branch Library! I’m honored and excited to celebrate and recognize the benefits that Potranco brings to our community. Congratulations, Potranco! I wish you many more years of incredible service to the community."

-Fernanda Cardenas, the District 6 representative for the Library Board of Trustees

Congratulations from Susie Williams, Executive Director, Potranco Family YMCA

"Congratulations Potranco Branch Library, on five successful years of serving the community. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues and thank them for everything they have accomplished as a team in these past years, including trudging through an unanticipated pandemic and adapting to our community's ever-changing needs. We are stronger now because of it.

It has been a great pleasure and honor to partner with the San Antonio Public Library Potranco Branch. We are proud and privileged to work alongside you, and we look forward to a continued partnership. "

- Susie Williams, Executive Director, Potranco Family YMCA

A celebratory message from Ramiro S. Salazar, Library Director