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Solutions for Your Resolutions

Learn how the San Antonio Public Library can help you keep your New Year's resolutions!



GET BETTER GRADES Have you tried Brainfuse HelpNow yet? Tutors are online from 3pm to midnight every day, ready to provide elementary, high school, and college level help with math, science, English, and social studies (help available in both English and Spanish). You can also access practice lessons, worksheets, study guides and videos 24/7. Visit (powered by Brainfuse HelpNow).


READ WITH MY KIDS Little Read Wagon is the San Antonio Public Library’s early literacy program, designed to support the development of young children’s love of books, reading and learning. Visit our calendar to find Play and Learn events and other early literacy resources.


SAVE MORE MONEY Cutting back on magazine subscriptions? Come in and read the current issue, or check out back issues. Movie rentals adding up? Borrow a DVD. Eager to read the next bestseller? Explore our Express Collection, which makes popular books and movies available faster.


GET A NEW JOB When you’re looking for a new job, you need to make the most of your resources. Visit our Jobs and Small Business Center at Central Library for help with résumés and job searches, or join our new Job Club networking group. Help is available from tutors at the online Career Center (powered by and we also offer workshops to improve job search skills. Explore to see how we can make your search easier.


GET HEALTHY Have you tried the outdoor fitness equipment at Memorial, Parman, Tobin, Johnston or Mission? After a good workout, check out our new health resources, including DVDs and books on healthy cooking and great databases like Medline Plus, PubMed and Búsqueda en Español (yes, many of our resources are also available in Spanish).


LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE Need to learn Spanish, English, or another language? We have downloadable language courses, as well as books, CDs, and DVDs. Many of our branches also host ESL classes, offered by Project Learn to Read of San Antonio. Visit for more information and for class schedules.