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San Antonio on Wheels

Four presentations by Hugh Hemphill, author of "San Antonio on Wheels."

Public Transportation in San Antonio

Horse-Drawn Transportation

San Antonio Railroads

Texas Transportation Museum

Resources for Local History

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San Antonio on Wheels

Important dates in San Antonio transportation history.

1869: The first velocipede (bicycle) seen in San Antonio.

1874: The San Antonio Street Railway Company is charted and inaugurated.

1877: The railroad arrives in San Antonio.

1890: Mule-drawn streetcars replaced by the electric variety.

1899: The first automobile, an electric, arrives at Staacke Brothers here.

1933: San Antonio's streetcars are replaced by gasoline-powered buses.  San Antonio is the first city in the U.S. to convert completely to buses.

1945: San Antonio becomes the first city to use air-conditioned buses.


Images from the Past

Web Sites of Interest

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