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Summer with SAPL

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Meet the Paletas and their Booklists! Starting June 1



“Hang ten, dudes & dudettes – totally about to cross my longboard past the morning’s lineup and catch some major tubes out in the first pocket I find...ride some rad waves!” Flashing a friendly shaka-sign, Surf-Pop swims out past the dawn patrol, past the foamy beach-break, and waits with stoked breath for the first clean, racy set of waves. A seasoned surfer, the hot summer sun doesn’t melt Surf-Pop -- they enjoy the ocean and are interested in all the marine life that dwells below. When not catching waves, Surf-Pop rides their beach-bike to the local library and reads up on various fish, mammals and crustaceans that call the sea home. Take off with Surf-Pop and learn more about the oceans and marine life!   

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Professor Pop

Professor Pop’s fruity exterior hides a brilliant mind obsessed with biographies. One bright summer day, Professor Pop sat in a favorite reading corner at the library, utterly engrossed in the bold life of Maria Merian, oblivious to a young child who approached curiously. "Excuse me, Professor! You look really smart reading that big book," the child said. "Why hello there! I'm reading about the incredible entomologist and illustrator Maria Merian. Did you know she was one of the first people to begin studying butterflies by drawing them?" The child shook their head, enthralled as Professor Pop launched into Maria's story. The child became a regular visitor, eager to hear more about Maria Merian, Maya Angelou, Ria Thundercloud, Mario Molina, and so many other intriguing people! 

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Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of San Antonio, lived a little paleta named Red-Sicle. Red-Sicle adored reading folktales, learning about different cultures, and exploring enchanted gardens. If you love classics like "Little Red Riding Hood," "Cinderella," or "The Three Little Pigs," you will be charmed by all the magical stories that Red-Sicle enjoys. Red-Sicle believes, "We must all use our imagination to have fun and discover new things in life." Explore colorful worlds, mystical kingdoms, dazzling lands, and cultural folktales with Red-Sicle. New adventures await! 

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