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Twitch & Discord: New Opportunities for Adult Services

This is a companion guide to the ALA 2020 Virtual Event, with a bilbiography, and updated information.

Thank You for Attending our Presentation!


Special thanks to Tristan Wheeler of Cleveland Public Library, and Chris Durr from Sacramento Public Library, who graciously agreed to be interviewed for our presentation. 


Recent publications hint at the use of Discord as a community building tool and safe space for Gender-diverse individuals. 

            Several references to the Discord platform describing it as an emerging safe space for gender-diverse and LGBTQ young people caught my interest while performing initial literature searching. One of the interesting things that I've encountered in my literature search is that it appears that Discord also functions as a place to access support and affirmation for gender-diverse and LGBTQIA persons. Some references in the literature indirectly mention the use of Discord as a safe space while being used as a communication tool to perform research in different topics, such as sex education for gender-diverse youth in Liang et al. (2020), Transgender gamers in Omori (2017), and game-based mental health interventions for trans and gender-diverse youth in Strauss et al.(2019). Other studies examining technology-mediated safe spaces for transgender persons that mention Discord are Scheuerman, (2018), Scheuerman et al. (2018), and Pitcher (2019). Cannestad’s (2019) thesis investigates how transgender women “find themselves online” and uses a Discord server for transgender women called Kadath as the main platform for the study. Interestingly enough, Cannestad appears to study the both Discord server as a whole and also investigates a certain channel within the named server.

            I believe that future investigation of the topic has the potential to further knowledge in several topic areas such as counseling, psychology, gender studies, and other areas. I am particularly interested in how Discord could be used in libraries to support the gender-diverse and LGBTQIA population in our community. San Antonio Gender Association has a Discord server, and I am curious to learn more about connecting our library to related groups to help develop library programs and services.

Resources & Social Media

Social Media & Resources

These are some resources that we have found helpful for keeping up with new and interesting information about Twitch and Discord.

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