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Gothic Fiction

From Dracula to Mexican Gothic, there's so many fantastic books to try in the Gothic genre.

Gothic Film Links

What about something to watch?

We can all agree that books are pretty great, but it's nice to have options. And thankfully, the Gothic genre translates beautifully to film/TV! 

Many of the books covered in the previous tab (Gothic Reads) have been made into films at least once, if not also TV series or mini-series as well. And of course, some like Dracula and Frankenstein have been adapted possibly hundreds of time, each adaptation focusing on a different aspect of those books. I won’t list those, because we’d be here forever and you’ve probably seen at least one version of them. Though if you're going to watch one Dracula film, make it the wonderfully over the top 1998 version from John Carpenter. But in other words, I want to suggest some possibly lesser known films and some personal favorites you might've missed amid all the continued adaptations of The Haunting of Hill House