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Snack Pak 4 Kids at San Antonio Public Library

Snack Pak FAQ 

Why aren’t Snack Paks available at my closest library? 
There is a limited supply of Snack Paks. The libraries selected are in areas of great community need. 


What if my family needs more food support than Snack Paks?

Snack Paks are meant to be supplemental food and not take the place of healthy meals for children and teens.  If your family is in need of food support, please visit SAPL's food resource page CLICK HERE.


Where do Snack Paks come from?  
The snacks are provided by the local non-profit SnackPak 4 Kids (  While they are being distributed at San Antonio Public Library locations, the snacks are not provided by the City of San Antonio, the Library System or the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.  

How can I help? 
Snack Paks are provided by Snack Pak 4 Kids, a non-profit serving San Antonio children and teens.  If you’d like to volunteer or make a donation – please visit


What if my child has peanut sensitivity? 
At this time we do not have Snack Paks for individuals with peanut sensitivity. Please decide what is appropriate for your child/ teen when offering these snacks to your children/ teens with food allergies.  


Is there a particular day/ time I can pick-up Snack Paks?  
Snack Pak are available during library service hours.  


Do I have to have a SAPL library card to pick-up Snack Paks? 
No.  While we’d love to offer you a free SAPL library card (so your family can borrow free books & movie DVDs, get access to free on-line homework tutoring and download free audiobooks & digital books!), a library card is not needed to pick-up a Snack Pak.  You will be asked if you'd like to get a library card as part of the Snack Pak project. 


Snack Paks are for children and teens aged 4 – 18.  What about children under the age of 4?  
Not all Snack Pak items are appropriate or safe for children under the age of 4 to eat.  Parents should use their best judgment when deciding to share Snack Pak snacks with children under the age of 4.  


Do my children have to be with me to pick up a Snack Pak for them? 
No.  Children need not be present to receive a Snack Pak.