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House History Research

This guide will take you through the process of how to research the history of your home.

Researching in Newspapers


Another resource you’ll want to review is the newspaper database, Access Newspaper Archive, which is available on SAPL’s website under “Databases.” You can use this resource it in-house at all 25+ library locations.  It is also available remotely with a valid SAPL library card.

In the Exact phrase Search box, type in the address (e.g. 1713 W. Summit).  This might lead to mentions of construction, architects, open houses, building permits, deaths and other useful information.  Be sure to include variations in how you search the address, 1713 W Summit could also be referred to as “1713 West Summit” or even the “1700 block of W Summit” in newspaper articles. 

Consider using the "With All the Words" search box as well in case the house's address is written in a less traditional way {See 2nd example.}

Also search the home owner’s name in the newspaper database, keeping in mind all the ways that name might be written. "Charles Nathan Morse" might have his name written in the newspaper as “Chas N Morse,” or “C N Morse” or “Charles Morse” or any other number of combinations.

How to Find Access Newspaper Archive

Below is a set of instructions on how to get to and begin using the newspaper database Access NewspaperArchive, now known as Newspaper Archive.