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Zombies 101

Are you prepared for when they rise?

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Public Health and Zombies

Canadians Are Prepared for Zombies

Zombie Portraits

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Fast vs. Slow

Zombies should be ____.

Fast vs. Slow
Fast: 9 votes (40.91%)
Slow: 13 votes (59.09%)
Total Votes: 22

Zombie Readiness

Zombies vs. Vampires

David Wellington answers the question of what monster would win if it came down to a fight.

“Jeez, that’s an interesting question. The vampires definitely have all the edges–strength, intelligence… coordination. And since they’re immortal they’re in no rush. They could probably just sit out a zombie outbreak in their coffins. But the scariest thing about zombies has always been that they’ve got the numbers. If we’re talking about a worldwide zombie apocalypse, the vampires are toast, if only because there wouldn’t be enough human blood left to keep them going.”

Zombies in Plain English