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Write "Read" Literacy For Adults and Childrens

People with low literacy skills locked into a cycle of menial jobs, poverty and low self-esteem. The "Write" Read Literacy addresses these problem providing instruction geared to improve literacy skills of reading, writing, & comprehension.

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Downloadable "write" Read Resources

With digital downloads – your public library is open 24/7! The San Antonio Public Library offers two ways to download digital media content: OverDrive and NetLibrary. You can access language audio books for free using your San Antonio Public Library Card.

Search Our Databases

Search our databases to locate peer reviewed  journal articles and periodicals on "Write" Read Literacy skills.

"Write" Read Literacy Magazines and Periodicals

In addition to SAPL resources such as books, audiovisuals, databases, ebooks, net Library and overdrive downloadables, the magazines are also available for viewing at the libraries. Some of the magazine on senior age groups are listed below:

Welcome to Write "Read" Literacy


Check out the guide to find resources such as books, audio visual materials and many more available at San Antonio Public Library (SAPL). You can also find local resources and websites that provide links to variety of resources on "Write" Read Literacy for adults and children.


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