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eBooksForAll Petition: Resources for Libraries

Tell Macmillan Publishers that you demand #eBooksForAll

Stand up for eBook access

Is your local library interested in getting involved in this movement? Check out the steps below to see how we have taken action.

1. Send an email blast to your patrons urging them to sign the petition. We have found this to be the most effective way to mobilize support. 

  Link to the petition:
2. Add the #eBooksforAll petition link to your library’s homepage.
3. Submit an op-ed to your local news outlet. (A template and submission instructions are on
4. Promote the campaign on social media and in newsletters, blog posts and press releases  
5. Post a notice on your digital collection (OverDrive users) urging readers to sign the petition.
6. Spread the word in any possible way (digital displays, flyers, presentations, etc)